Healing Arts & Expressive Arts with Sandra

Sandra offers interactive experiences with small and large groups. Any of the following is an incredible addition to an event, retreat or for a small group at her studio in Liverpool. Simply email or call to discuss details and date options. All supplies, guidance and many more surprises are included!


  • Creating With Spirit Workshop  (one day or 7 week full workshop)

The art of being still, letting of outcome and raising your level of self awareness.....Sandra has offered this experience to many over the years, but now she has taken it to a whole new level! For any person seeking heightened levels of awareness, connection to Spirit, intuition and the Sacred Self.....these tools may offer you some insight.  This one day course is a small taste of all the inspirations and interactive experiences Sandra offers during the full course. (read below for more details about the course). Email to register

  • Meditative Painting Experience- the Gift of Letting Go. (60-90min. workshop)

Let go of outcome and expectation! Journey with intuitive artist, Sandra Sabene as she offers a demonstration and interactive workshop exploring the art of “being in the moment”. Discover how to move with color in a trance-like state, explore sensations, inspirations and visions through the evolving images.  This is a unique experience for most and a repeated self-therapy tool for many. Includes: guided meditation, music, canvas, acrylic paint and all supplies.

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  • Creative Coaching Series - 5 session for awakening the creative self.

Living a creative life inspires joy, wellness and connection. This series is an amazing course or addition to a wellness retreat. 5 session offer tools, experiences and expressive opportunities inspiring creative choices, shifts in perspective and fresh ideas for creating the changes you seek. These are fun, interactive and high energy ways we will awaken the creator within you. This is wonderful for artists, persons in transitional life situations and many have been helped get "unstuck" and "unblocked"


Arts and Healing Retreats held seasonally at spiritual retreat centers with Sandra and many of her inspirational Arts & Healing peers. see her event page online at: www.liverpoolartcenter.com


Rediscover Your Sacred Self

Creating With Spirit